Ashlee Gillespie is an artist native to Northern California who finds her inspiration for her abstract landscapes in the unique natural settings of her surroundings.  The ocean, forests, skies and fields all provide the artist with everything she needs to create her images.  The micro-worlds around her are as important as the entire scene.  It’s as common to see a piece that derives from forest floor where a mushroom lives, as it is to see the vast endlessness of the ocean.

Works are created in watercolors, inks, acrylics, oil, and printmaking.  Her style continues to change through her intensive study of materials and artistic techniques.  Just as she does in the natural world, the artist continues to explore through different media, never content to settle on any single subject or method.  The result is an exciting series that will come and go just as the sun rises and sets. Ashlee’s artwork is to be experienced and enjoyed like a beautiful day knowing the next day will always be different.